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Planning Study Abroad: Funding/Finances

Swarthmore Semester/Year Abroad Program participants remain registered at Swarthmore, are billed according to the regular billing cycle, and remain eligible to receive financial aid. Students are charged the comprehensive fee of Swarthmore College tuition, room, and board for each semester abroad. For the purposes of distribution of financial aid, the student's financial relationship remains with Swarthmore College during study abroad, not with the host school.

For each semester of participation Swarthmore College pays the program tuition, room and board (based on the budget for each program), round-trip travel (with Philadelphia as the gateway city), and local transportation as required. Swarthmore College financial aid budgets for include an allotment for books, personal expenses, and the student activity fee (the student activity fee is not charged while students are abroad). Students should consider their costs for application fees, books, personal expenses, visa fees, personal weekend or vacation travel, immunizations, travel medications, the the loss of the campus work opportunity for the semester.   See Budgeting Tool:  BudgetWorksheetstudent.xls  Students can consult the financial aid office if they are interested in pursuing a loan.