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When to Study Abroad

Planning Study Abroad: When to Study Abroad

Planning for study abroad should begin as early as the freshman year. Students can study abroad in the spring of the sophomore year, during the junior year, or fall of the senior year, for one or two semesters. Some students choose to spend an academic year abroad in one location, and others spend two semesters abroad, on two different programs; these can be consecutive or non-consecutive semesters.

Students who plan to study abroad spring of their sophomore year must declare their major during the fall semester of the sophomore year. Note that study abroad in the fall of the senior year requires permission from the student’s major department(s).

Many students choose to study abroad in the summer. This is an independent activity; students are not registered at Swarthmore and Swarthmore financial aid is not available. Several academic departments at Swarthmore maintain information about summer opportunities and funding possibilities. For further information see Summer Study Abroad and Other Short Term Programs.