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Student Disability Services

Planning Study Abroad: Student Disability Services

Students who receive accommodations at Swarthmore to support their individual needs should discuss their study abroad plans with a study abroad advisor in Off-Campus Study and with the Office of Student Disability Services. It is important to know that the Americans with Disabilities Act is a U.S. federal law and does not necessarily apply abroad. That being said, many international universities and programs do have disability services and at times can provide accommodations. You must research and follow their particular processes. It is important to discuss your program's requirements with the Student Disability Services office at Swarthmore early in the application process, and should it be necessary for the office to compile materials and send them to the proposed program, at least two weeks notice must be given.

If you receive accommodations through Swarthmore's Student Disability Service and are trying to determine whether you might be eligible to receive accommodations on your Study Abroad program, please contact Leslie Hempling at or call (610)690-5014 to discuss your needs before the end of your pre-departure semester.


There are many useful resources through Mobility International USA (MIUSA):