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Program Search

Selecting a Program: Program Search

Students can select from a wide array of approved programs. Using the searchable database, programs can be searched based on many parameters including location, language of study, and available academic subjects.

Study abroad programs fall into the broad categories of Swarthmore College administered programs, reciprocal exchange, affiliated programs and universities, and other approved programs generally offered by third-party providers. Each of these programs offers a variety of exciting new opportunities and challenges. Many programs offer distinctive opportunities to conduct fieldwork, research, independent study, or participate in an internship or service-learning course for credit.

Swarthmore Programs are coordinated by Swarthmore faculty and staff. A Swarthmore program is usually an outgrowth of faculty experience in a region, and creates special learning opportunities for students. Swarthmore arranges courses (and/or registration in a host-country university), housing, orientation, and has program staff in country.

Swarthmore has a reciprocal exchange program with Tokyo University. Students study for one year or for the spring semester in the AIKOM program (prior study of Japanese is not required) and a student from the University of Tokyo studies at Swarthmore.

Affiliated programs and universities are ones for which Swarthmore has a close on-going relationship, however Swarthmore is not directly involved in the administration of these programs. For most of these programs students submit their applications to the Off-Campus Study Office for forwarding to these institutions.

Approved third-party programs provide additional opportunities for students to study special topics, and often languages, with a country or regional focus. Swarthmore does not administer these programs and students are responsible for submitting their applications directly to these programs.

Should a student be interested in a program that is not currently approved, he or she will need to discuss this option with a study abroad advisor. A petition application requires approval by the major(s) advisor, pre-estimation of credit for the courses on the program, approval by the Off-Campus Study Office, and approval by the Off-Campus Study Committee.