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Study Abroad in Sites Under a Travel Warning

Selecting a Program: Study Abroad in Sites Under a Travel Warning

Travel Warnings are issued by the US State Department when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country. A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff.

A petition is required should a student be interested in studying in a country under such a travel warning. In addition to the requirements for all petitions (see Selecting a Program: Program Search), students must write a statement outlining what the academic significance of this particular country and program is to them, and indicate what personal knowledge and experience the student has of the country, culture, and language.

The petition will be reviewed by a committee, normally consisting of the Provost, Director for Off-Campus Study, Faculty Adviser for Off-Campus Study, and members of the Swarthmore College Risk Management Team and other members of the community as deemed necessary by the Provost.

If a petition is successful, students and their parents or guardians will be required to sign an additional liability waiver due to the State Department warning. Should a program in a country under a travel warning be cancelled, participants may incur financial losses and might not receive credit. Students are encouraged to consider supplemental insurance options to cover losses if programs are cancelled.