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Letters of Reference

Applying to Go Abroad: Letters of Reference

References for Swarthmore Programs and DIS
For some study abroad programs (i.e., Swarthmore programs and DIS) it is possible to either request letters of reference electronically through the on-line application system, or alternatively to provide a paper form to referees. Recommenders are encouraged to use the online system, however it is also possible to submit the Off-Campus Study Recommendation Form, which may be returned with a letter of recommendation on departmental letterhead to the student or directly to the Off-Campus Study Office in a sealed, signed envelope by the application deadline.

References for Other Study Abroad Programs
Some study abroad programs may have their own system for electronic requests for letters of reference. Others may have separate paper forms that must be completed by the recommender. In all cases it is the responsibility of the student to contact the recommender to request the reference and to provide the electronic link or the paper reference form with instructions on where to submit the reference.

Students must be considerate of the other responsibilities of the recommenders and give them adequate time to write letters of recommendation (normally at least three to four weeks). Remember to provide whatever information will be helpful to the recommender and remember to send thank you notes.