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Prepare for Return

While Abroad: Prepare for Return

Here are some reminders of important matters to consider prior to the end of the study abroad program. Students must be sure to resolve any financial matters. These could include library fines, etc. Swarthmore College will not receive a final transcript for students with outstanding debts. In the case of security deposits, discuss with the abroad program how the deposit will be returned (i.e., the amount, currency, where it will be returned and when). If students are refunded any monies from the abroad program, they must contact the Off-Campus Study Office for clarification.

Students should not leave the abroad site with unfinished work, unless this is specifically a policy of the abroad program, not a personal request by the student. Even in such cases students must notify the Off-Campus Study Office if they have unfinished work, and what the deadline is for completion.  Note: a major cause of academic failure by students who’ve studied abroad, is non-compliance with program policies such as deadlines for receipt of academic work, and non-compliance with other program policies such as attendance.

Students should remember to thank their hosts (e.g., faculty, staff, host families) or anyone else who has assisted them with their experience.