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Return to Campus: Readjustment

For some students the return from abroad does not represent any major difficulties, however for others, it may present a multitude of challenges. Saying goodbye to people you were used to seeing on a daily basis, leaving the lifestyle developed abroad, and missing the sights, sounds, foods, etc. of the abroad location, may cause a true sense of loss. This is particularly hard if these feelings come as a surprise.

Just like studying abroad, the return to life in the U.S. and study at Swarthmore requires patience, and resilience. When possible students should seek out other people with similar experiences and find ways to talk about their experiences and express their new interests. The Off-Campus Study Office staff are always happy to talk with returning students about their experiences and can be a resource for students interested in promoting study abroad. Should a student find that their adjustment back to life and studies at Swarthmore is interfering with their studies, personal health, relationships, or other aspects of their well being they should consider consulting with advisors and health professionals at Swarthmore.