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Pre-Estimation of Credit

Faculty and Staff: Pre-Estimation of Credit

Prior to participation in study abroad, admitted students are required to obtain pre-estimation of credit from appropriate departments. Students who have petitioned to study on programs that are not currently listed as approved programs must seek the pre-estimation of credit earlier in the semester, normally at the time of application. The Application for Pre-estimation of Study Abroad Credit form is used for this purpose. This document contains a section under each reviewed course entitled Comments from Off-Campus Study that explains the credit weightings of the host institution with a recommendation for the credit equivalency at Swarthmore. Departments are encouraged to contact the Off-Campus Study Office with any questions they might have concerning the amount of credit recommended for a course. Final determination regarding the amount of credit awarded lies with the department.

Departments should notify students if they have additional forms or requirements that must be completed. Students are also directed to inquire regarding specific procedures in practice in each department. Additional information on pre-estimation of credit is available under Academic Matters in the Policies and Procedures for Students Participating in the Swarthmore Semester/Year Abroad Program handbook.