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Credit Approval

Faculty and Staff: Credit Approval

Upon their return students meet with the Faculty Adviser for Off-Campus Study for both a debriefing concerning their abroad program and experience and also to discuss the credit review process. Following this meeting, the Faculty Adviser for Off-Campus Study writes a letter to the study abroad credit reviewer in each relevant department indicating the courses taken abroad. Included in this correspondence is the recommended amount of credit per course based on the credit weighting of the course according to the host institution. The student then arranges to submit their academic materials from their program to the department.

If a department has specific guidelines (which may include the completion of addtional forms) for the submission of academic work done by students who participate in the Swarthmore College Semester/Year Abroad Program they should make those guidelines available to the students. Departments are welcome to contact the Off-Campus Study Office with any questions they might have concerning this process.