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Summer and Short-Term Programs


Off-Campus Study works primarily with students who study abroad during the academic year for credit. However, we do receive materials promoting summer programs and keep those materials in our resource room for student use. The Off-Campus Study Office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30am and students are welcome to use the resource room as long as a meeting is not taking place.

When searching for summer programs we also recommend the following sites: IIE Passport and the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center Scholarship and Grant search and Petersons.

If you want to obtain credit from summer study abroad, consult both the policies of the registrar’s office at that of the specific department at Swarthmore from which you seek credit. Credit for Work Done Elsewhere

Summer Pre-Departure Orientation Agenda

Video 1 (Pat Martin, Director for Off-Campus Study)

Video 2 (Eileen Stasiunas, Registered Nurse, Health Center)

Video 3 (Roberto Vargas, Swarthmore Library Resources)

Video 4 (Ayanna Springfield, FMFCU)

Video 5 (Hillary Grumbine, Interim Violence Prevention Educator and Advocate)

Video 6 (Kristie Beucler, Career Services)


Video 7 (Pat Martin, Insurance)

Video 8 (Jess Stockett, ITS)


Video 9 (Mike Hill, Director for Public Safety)


Video 10 (Sharlene Casado Garcia, Off-Campus Study Assistant)

Video 11 (Pat Martin, Personal Crisis Planning)