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Applying to Go Abroad

Click the following to learn more about the process of applying to go abroad. We look forward to working with you as you plan an amazing experience abroad!

Typically the Off-Campus Study application deadlines are in early October for spring programs, and mid-February for fall and academic year programs. However, please note that students must also meet the deadline for the application to their program of choice. These deadlines may be earlier than the Off-Campus Study deadline (in some cases by a semester or a year), and in the case of programs with rolling admissions, it is extremely important to apply early in the application cycle.

Note that applications to study at Oxford or for the spring semester are due in January or February of the prior year, so early planning is advised.


Students apply through the Off-Campus Study website for permission to participate in the Swarthmore College Semester/Year Abroad Program. Students are also responsible for completing, on their own, the relevant applications for the specific programs they are interested in.

Once you have chosen a first choice program, you will submit your application through that program's brochure page on the Off-Campus Study website by clicking on the Apply Now button on the brochure page for the selected program. DO NOT start an application until you have decided that you definitely intend to study abroad and you have made a final decision about the program to which you want to apply. Applications are only accepted during open application cycles. Students can apply for up to two programs. If students want to apply to additional programs they must get permission from an advisor in the Off-Campus Study Office.

By clicking "apply now" on your program of choice and logging in, you will start an actual application. You will then need to complete and submit several sections.

You can start the application, save your work, and return to it at a later time.

For some study abroad programs (i.e., Swarthmore programs) it is possible to either request letters of reference electronically through the on-line application system, or alternatively to provide a paper form to referees. Recommenders are encouraged to use the online system, however it is also possible to submit the Off-Campus Study Recommendation Form, which may be returned with a letter of recommendation on departmental letterhead to the student or directly to the Off-Campus Study Office in a sealed, signed envelope by the application deadline.

Some study abroad programs may have their own system for electronic requests for letters of reference. Others may have separate paper forms that must be completed by the recommender. In all cases it is the responsibility of the student to contact the recommender to request the reference and to provide the electronic link or the paper reference form with instructions on where to submit the reference.

Students must be considerate of the other responsibilities of the recommenders and give them adequate time to write letters of recommendation (normally at least three to four weeks). Remember to provide whatever information will be helpful to the recommender and be sure to send thank you notes.

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