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Departure Information

Health Considerations 

Students should consider their own physical and mental health needs when reviewing study abroad programs. When under the care of a physician or mental health professional, it is important to determine if adequate care will be available at the proposed site and to discuss your plans with your health care provider.

All admitted study abroad participants are required to have a travel health consultation at the Worth Health Center. This session will include information on any required immunizations and travel medications. Also, by appointment, students can arrange for a physical, or to have additional health forms completed, if required by their study abroad programs. Appointments should be made as early as possible in the semester prior to going abroad.


Post-Admission Planning

Admitted students are required to meet with Rosa Bernard for their initial post-admission planning session. During these sessions students will learn about program budgets, travel allowances, insurance, pre-estimation of credit, student visas (if required), and many other important preparation matters.


Pre-Departure Gathering

Students must attend the Pre-Departure Gathering. This is an opportunity to meet with all of the students planning to study abroad and to hear from many offices on campus on how to make the most of the abroad experience.

Pre-Departure Gathering April Agenda

Video 1 Welcome. Pat Martin, Director for Off-Campus Study
Dean Liz Braun and Dean Thomas Alexander III

Video 2 , Eileen Stasiunas, Registered Nurse, Health Center, Health Preparations

Video 3, Kristin Moore, Financial Aid Office

Video 4, Ayana Springfield, Branch Manager Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, Money Matters

Video 5, Lesa Shieber, Associate Registrar

Video 6, Sarah Elichko, Swarthmore Library Resources

Video 7, Hillary Grumbine, Interim Violence Prevention Educator & Advocate

Video 8, Jess Stockett, Technical Support Coordinator, ITS

Video 9, Mike Hill, Director, Public Safety, Safety and Security

Video 10, Erin Leuthold, Academic Support and Student Disability Services

Video 11, Pat Martin, Career Services and Graduate Fellowships

Video 12, Rosa Bernard, Assistant Director for Off-Campus Study, Visas. Immigration Documents. Budgets. Pre-estimation of Credit

Video 13, Pat Martin. Handbooks. Travel Registry, Dates, and Deadlines. STEP Registration. Insurance. Booking flights

Video 14, Sharlene Casado Garcia. Off-Campus Study Assistant, Cultural Adjustment

Video 15 Pat Martin, Personal Crisis Planning