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Off-Campus Study Handbooks


Students are responsible for reading the material provided in the study abroad Countdown to Departure handbooks: Practical Matters and Policies and Procedures for Students Participating in the Swarthmore Semester/Year Abroad Program.

prepare for study abroad

Practical Matters has useful information for any student traveling abroad, whether or not the student participates in the Semester/Year Abroad Program.

See Practical Matters for information on:
  • Travel Documents
  • Arranging Travel
  • Managing Finances
  • Packing
  • Food and Water
  • Physical and Mental Health Considerations
  • Health and Travel Insurance
  • Safety Guidelines
  • U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs
  • What to do in a Health, Safety, or Legal Emergency
  • Water Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Earthquakes
  • Legal Considerations
  • Language Learning
  • Important Travel Resources
  • Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Protect Yourself from Foreign Intelligence Security Targeting
  • Mail and E-Mail Forwarding
  • Photos
  • Housing Concerns at Swarthmore
  • Considerations for LGBTQI Students
  • Cultural Norms and Travel
  • Voting for U.S. Citizens
  • Swarthmore Libraries and Study Abroad
  • International Students Abroad
  • Sexual Assault and Harassment Resources
  • Learning Resources and Student Disabilities Services
  • Career Services
  • Sustainable Travel Tips
Download the Practical Matters Handbook Here: Practical Matters for Spring 2020.pdf

See Policies and Procedures for Students Participating in the Swarthmore Semester/Year Abroad Program for information on:
  • Permission to Participate in Off-Campus Study
  • Your Off-Campus Study Homepage and Acceptance Procedures
  • Pre-Departure Gathering
  • Student Visa
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Post-Admission Planning Session(s)
  • Finances
  • Academic Matters
Download the Policies and Procedures Handbook Here: <Countdown to Departure for Spring 2020.pdf
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