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Exchange Student Information

Swarthmore College has exchange agreements with Ashesi University College, the University of Tokyo, and Yale-NUS College.



Swarthmore can only accept students for the fall semester or the academic year. Students are nominated to apply by their home institutions and then are asked to complete the exchange student application on the Off-Campus Study website. Students should be nominated by their home institutions by March 1 and applications completed by March 15.


For nominated students:

From the Off-Campus Study website select the programs button (on the black bar across the top of the website). Fill in “Exchange” under “Program Name” on the Simple Search option.

Applicants will be prompted to complete a signature verification form. By completing this form you will be able to use an electronic signature for the remainder of the application process. In order to verify their identity, applicants are required to scan/email a photocopy of their passport or driver’s license, or other government-issued identity document, along with the completed signature verification form to Once the office received the form, it will be marked as received and then you will be granted access to the rest of the on-line application.
In addition to the on-line application, students are required to upload a copy of their official academic transcript. Through the application system students will be able to request two letters of reference from professors who have taught them, and will be able to request an institutional approval form from their exchange student office.



Normally a successful candidate would meet the following guidelines:

1) two strong letters of reference from professors who have taught the student;

2) approval by the international exchange office at their college or university;

3) a minimum 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale;

4) a minimum 3.0 grade point average in courses that are deemed to be pre-requisites for courses that the student would like to take at Swarthmore (e.g., math courses);

5) for students for whom English is not their first language a TOEFL score over 100 or IELTS over 7.5.

Academic Policies

1) Exchange students should limit their course-taking expectations to available courses at Swarthmore College.

2) Some courses at Swarthmore may be unavailable depending on registration priority given to Swarthmore students and otherwise according to departmental policies. Limited access to some courses is common in computer science, economics, and political science.

3) Although at Swarthmore students are permitted to register for courses at Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania, exchange students should expect to take most or all of their course on the campus at Swarthmore. Registration in elective courses at Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania happens during the Swarthmore add/drop period after the semester starts, and Swarthmore College cannot guarantee admission into any course on another school’s campus.

4) Note: Swarthmore College does not offer business classes.

5) Students normally take a total of four courses.


Course Selection

Read the Catalog (also called the Bulletin). Two reasons to read the catalog: the catalog is the authoritative book of academic rules, so look there for the academic rules, and especially this week, the catalog is also the list of all the courses that might ever be taught. Use it for course planning.

Also read the Course Schedule, which lists the courses actually being offered this semester.

Academic Calendar

Semester 1: Exchange students join the orientation for new international students which precedes the beginning of the fall semester.


Housing and Student Life

Information about housing and students activities is available from the Office for Student Engagement. Exchange students will be placed in one of the dormitories on campus.  Typically, exchange students will be placed in a double-occupancy room with another student, typically a first-year or sophomore student.  If you have any specific housing requests, please reach out to Isaiah Thomas, Assistant Director of Residential Communities at

Students will be automatically placed on the SWAT PLAN meal plan.  Detailed information on meal plans is located on the Dining Services Website

Arrival and Orientation

Over the month of May, the webpages which address the range of questions, concerns, and issues relevant to the international student community will be updated. For now, we want to remind you that International Student Orientation begins Friday, August 25, 2017, earlier than the general Orientation. You may arrive anytime on Thursday, August 24 or before 12:30 p.m. on Friday, August 25. In July, you will have the chance to let us know the details of your travel plans.


Tuition and Fees

Students pay their tuition, room, board, and any required fees to their home institutions.


Student Health

The Swarthmore College Student Health Portal is available for managing your on-campus health needs and forms. You can access your Student Health Portal through your mySwarthmore account. Click on Worth Health Center, then, click on Student Health Portal. The following forms are on the Student Health Portal. Completion is due by June 15th and necessary for residence hall admission.

1               Health Certificate completed by the student

2               Immunization Record completed by a healthcare provider

3               Physical within the past year completed by a healthcare provider

4               Health Insurance enrollment or proof of private insurance completed by the student