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Announcements : Off-Campus Study General Information Session

Announcement: Off-Campus Study General Information Session


1.    Interested students must attend a Study Abroad General Information Session. The following have been scheduled but more will be offered in subsequent weeks. Students should check the Campus Calendar or contact the Off-Campus Study office.

Friday, February 7                                 1-2pm                        SC102

Monday, February 10                            2-3pm                        SC128

Friday, February 14                               2-3pm                        SC104

Friday, February 21                               1-2pm                        SC104

Friday, February 28                               3-4pm                        SC104

Friday, March 20                                    2-3pm                        SC104

Friday, March 27                                    2-3pm                        SC104

Friday, April 3                                         1-2pm                        SC104

Friday, April 10                                       3-4pm                        SC158

Thursday, April 16                                 3-4pm                        SC158

Friday, April 24                                       1-2pm                        SC104

Friday, May 1                                          2-3pm                        SC104

2. Following attendance at a Study Abroad General Information Session students can make an appointment with a study abroad advisor by contacting the Off-Campus Study office (Diana Malick –, 610-328-7827). Attending a general information session and meeting with a study abroad adviser are mandatory in order to apply to study abroad.

3. Off-Campus Study applications are due October 7, 2020. However it is important to note that the specific program applications may be due earlier and some programs operate on rolling admissions.